It has been always fun and challenging to create a better resume which eventually gets short-listed by good companies. Actually resume is very important and it plays almost 25% of your new career opportunity. There are plenty of sources available online to help us create — but it actually overwhelmed!

Arrays, Objects, and Strings are commonly used types that we iterate using ‘for’. ‘for…in’, ‘for…of’ statements.

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Array iteration

  1. for

Repeats until a specified condition evaluates to false.

for ([init]; [condition]; [increment])

“All the three blocks in the for loop can be omitted. But should be declared before.”

2. for…of

for (variable…

Array related questions and answers from brute force to better optimal way of achieving Big O

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Find the maximum value of an array

Remove duplicate from an array/ unique array

Get duplicates from an array

Flatten the array

Find the median value of an array

Find two sum of an array twoSum(arr, sum)

Maximum consecutive sum of integers in an array

Union of arrays (merge two arrays without duplicates)

Intersection of arrays/ find common values of arrays (multidimensional)

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