It has been always fun and challenging to create a better resume which eventually gets short-listed by good companies. Actually resume is very important and it plays almost 25% of your new career opportunity. There are plenty of sources available online to help us create — but it actually overwhelmed!

So, I wanted to share my experience which could help to write and format a decent resume.

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Key takeaways

  • Make it short — provide only highlights rather than giving boring stories
  • Showcase your skills, achievements, portfolios, social linking, public contributions, and value adds
  • Prepare resume towards the job description and the requirement



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Write event emitter-base class that allows you to add event listeners

Events can be created with the Event constructor as follows:

let event = new Event(type[, options]);


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Arrays, Objects, and Strings are commonly used types that we iterate using ‘for’. ‘for…in’, ‘for…of’ statements.

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  1. for

Repeats until a specified condition evaluates to false.

for ([init]; [condition]; [increment])

“All the three blocks in the for loop can be omitted. But should be declared before.”

2. for…of

for (variable of iterable)

“Iterable can be ‘Array, String, array-like objects, TypedArray, Map, Set and user-defined iterables”.

Use the below code to test whether the object is iterable or not:

typeof obj[Symbol.iterator] === 'function'; // 'obj' will be the var

Don’t use loop for arrays. It iterates over both array…


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I liked the below reference to generate the pascal triangle one row at a time using 2 functions:

Strings coding questions and answers

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Array related questions and answers from brute force to better optimal way of achieving Big O

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